Summer Series 2021
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Summer Series 2021

This years Summers series will start on the20th of June.6 events, 4 teams, one debatable handicapping system that gives everyone a chance to win and an opportunity for a bit of fun! There will be prizes for individuals and team winners. To qualify for a team prize, you must complete 4 or more events.With a 2 week window available to complete each event, everyone should be able to find a day and time that is suitable for themselves. Please, as always, be mindful of other people using public spaces, paths etc. . There is nothing to stop anyone running the course several times and submitting their fastest time should they wish.
The 4 teams are made up according to your birthday
Earth = Jan 1 to March 31
Wind = April 1 to June 30
Fire = July 1 to Sept 30
Air = Oct 1 to Dec 31.
Event 1 will be Dewsbury park run (20th June -3rd of July)
Event 2 Oakwell Park Run (4th July-17th July)
Event 3 Murder Mile up the hill and back down.(18th July-31st July)
Event 4 Leggers Loop (1st August-14th August)
Event 5 Flat Cap 5 Starting and Finishing by the brick pillars.
(15th August -28th
Event 6 Leggers Loop and Flat Cap 5 together. (29th August-12th September .)
Times can be submitted to either John Calvert or Tim Rowling via Facebook or a screen shot of their time.We will be using the Facebook group set up for Leggers Loop
Submitted by John Calvert
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