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The event is on Sunday 8th March at Longley Park, Sheffield.

This year the race will be split into 3 with two separate times starts. Race 1 and 2 will start together at 12.00 and Race 3 will start at about 1.30 pm (as soon as course is clear).

Race 1 will be for F45 54, F55 64, F65+ and M70+ teams, and will be about 5 K (two laps).

Race 2 will be for F35 44, M50 59 and M60 69 teams and will be about 10 K (4 laps).

Race 3 will be for M35 39 and M40 49 teams and will again be 4 laps, 10 K.

All details are the YVAA webpage.

If you are interested in being part of a DRR Team, please contact the Club Rep, Paul Hayhurst in the first instance.
Submitted by Michael Hartley
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