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Bernard Disken
Best Performances

10K 36:51 Abbey Dash December 1991

10 Miles 63:29 Cautley Spout (Howgills) May 1991

Half Marathon 82:45 Great York Run March 1991

20 miles 2:15:13 Spen 20
March 1994

Marathon 3:12:17 (corrected 3:11:58) London April 1995

I'm a strange runner.

As one of my colleagues in the club, if anyone new wants an example of how not to run, look at Bernard.

I'm well known for my inability to run at an even pace and my clumsiness on my feet.

Did once try to run at an even pace in the Spen half marathon 1990 and ran a disastrous time.
Living in the past

As you can see my PBs were in a distant era before mobile phones or the Internet.

Became club secretary in 1995 (after doing no work in the club for the previous 7years). Finally managed to get rid of the yoke in 2010.

You get a shorter sentence for murder.


Was roped onto the 10K committee as club secretary.

Became race secretary in 1998 and race director in 2002.

Spend most of January organising the race.

On race day am content to leave it to such as Gary Joohnson and Steve Burnett
who know what they're doing.

My knowledge of practical matters is nil.
Was shocked at Glenn Sykes asking me to lift a barrier with him at the finish, that wasn't in the risk assessment.
Submitted by Bernard Disken
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