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Mark Spraggon
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Sheffield Half Marathon 2006
A bit about me...

In 2012 I decided to take up running after deciding to give up competitive (at a very low level!) football - I needed something to keep me fit.

I'd previously done half a dozen half marathons spread over a period of 17 years (Great North Run, 1989, 90, 91, and Sheffield Half Marathon 2002, 03, 06), but between these, I never really did any running as such, other than round a football pitch.

In September 2012 I decided to join Dewsbury Road Runners and have been running regularly ever since.

My aim for 2014 was to run over 1000km , which, given my previous best was 267km in 2013, is a big step up! I'm glad to say I achieved that around the end of November.

In Feb 2015 I will be doing the Liversedge Half Marathon - my first half since 2006.
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Keeping me on my toes...
Keeping me on my toes...

These 2 are my other ways of staying fit...
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