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Keith Long
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toughguy 2008 summer

going over what they call the grand national 12 fences to go over.I am in around 75th place at this stage I finished 13th out of 2433 finishers and around 1700 non finishers.I was 1st in over 45 and our team came 1st.I have done this race 6 times.this is the race of all races enter once and you WILL enter again and again.....Just dooooo it.{Go to TOUGHGUY website and watch the vidio it gives you a good insight into this brilliant race.what r u waiting for just dooooo it
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the berlin wall
the berlin wall

one of the 24 obstacles in toughguys killing fields the berlin wall you go up 40ft and back down 40ft it is high when you are up on the on photo,s to enlarge
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toughguy,s barbadose

do not ware expensive tops has you are guranteed to get them ripped by barbadose.
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Submitted by Keith Long
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