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Jonathan Smith
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Liversedge Half, 1st ever race
Mr Jonathan Smith

Took up running in 2006 to stay in shape.

Have been hit and miss with a number of niggley injuries, most of which I now ignore :-) An unhealthy amount of jelousy when I see the likes of Andy Cottier and David Almond with his Trademark bandana romping along as I go past in the car, always drives me back to the club :-)... Thanks Guys...

Have reached a good level of fitness and ability in 2007, 2009 and now 4 years later in 2013, I'm on working hard and getting back into the swing of it.

Since joining Dewsbury Road Runners, I have improved quicker and been inspired by many of the hero's and Characters that make up the Club, and would reccomend the club to anybody thinking about joining a running club.
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Ryley and Aleks
Some of the motivation to be fit and active is so that I can keep up with the young family, Chloe, Sean, Ryley and Aleks, and continue to keep up with them for many years to come.
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Dewsbury Parkrun
Chloe, Sean and I on Park run, enjoyable morning, but struggling to get them to come back again now they know how much effort they need to put in :-)
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