Club Runs

Club Training Runs
Summer Runs
Short RunsLength (Miles)
Starting on Sands Lane
SSA01  Tour of Chickenly4.4
SSA02  To 2nd lock and back4.3
SSA03  Runtlings and back4.2
SSA04  Old Cross Country Lap4
SSA05  Pildacre Circuit3.4
SSA06  Runtlings Circuit5.5
SSA07  Syke Ing Close & Owl lane4.4
SSA08  Canal Slaithewaite Road4.8
SSA09  Pildacre Hill, Ossett Lane3.5
SSA10  Pildacre Old Circuit3.5
SSA11  Canal, Thornhill Lees Circuit3.9
SSA12  Chickenly Heath & Owl Lane4.9
SSA13  Kirklees Way Chickenley Heath3.9
SSA14  Ossett Cycle Way, Kingsway4.4
SSA15  Chickenley Lane, Owl Lane4.4
SSA16  Mitchell Laithes Farm3.5
Starting on Mill Sreet East
SSB01  2nd Lock Canal and Bridge4.9
Starting on Savile Road
SSC01  Ravensthorpe Station Thornhill Junction4.3
SSC02  Lady Wood & Crow Royd4.8
SSC03  Ravensthorpe station & Calder Traverse4.5
SSC04  Thornhill Junction & Ravensthorpe Station4.3
SSC05  Savile Road Canal Back3.6
SSC06  Forge Lane, Canal, Sands Lane3.7
SSC07  Forge Lane, Ingham Lane & Canal Back4.2
SSC08  Ingham Road, Mushroom Farm & Riverside4.3
SSC09  Caledonian Road, Canal Cycle Way4.3
SSC10  Ouzewell Loop4
Starting on the Calder Greenway
SSD01  Lower Ravensthorpe Spen3.8
SSD02  Greenway, Calder Road, Riverside4.3
SSD03  Greenway Calder Rd Circuit4.3
SSD04  Greenway Calder Road4.1
SSD05  River Ouzelwell Circuit4.1
SSD06  Carr Lane Heckmondwike Road4.4
SSD07  Fir Cottage and back4.4
SSD08  Greenway, Calder Road & Back4.4
SSD09  Riverside Ravensthorpe Road Circuit4.8
SSD10  Perseverence, Canal, Greenway & River Back4.4
Starting on Halifax Road
Starting on Crackenedge Lane
SSJ01  Caulms wood Bradford Road loop4.1
SSJ02  Short Point to Point3.8
SSJ03  Crackenedge, Grange Road, Leeds Road3.7
SSJ04  Kirklees way to Soothill Lane4.2
Starting on Leeds Cutting
SSK01  Kirklees Way & Hanging Heaton Church3.4
SSK02  Chidswell Lane4.1
SSK03  Caulmswood & Batley Station4.1
SSK05  Caulms Wood, Kirkgate Loop5
SSK06  Caulms Wood, Leeds Road4.3
Starting on Wakefield Cutting
SSN01  Chickenley Heath & Shaw Cross4.1
Starting on a road outside Dewsbury
SSP01  Reindeer Romp2.7
SSP02  Leggers to Thornhill Junction3.7
SSP03  Leggers Loop3.8
SSP04  Murder Maniac Mile 1
SSP05  Rectory Park Round4.4
SSP06  Rectory Park and Canal4.3
SSP07  Little Trot of Canal and Riverside3.4
SSP08  Rectory Park, Frank Lane and Canal4.6
SSP09  Long Plantation5.1
SSP10  Canal, Riverside and Ravensthorpe Road5
SSP11  Greenway and Dewsbury Country Park5
SSP12  Mountain Top, Ings Lane and Canal4.9
SSP13  Chickenley Heath, Earlsheaton Circuit4.8
SSP14  Spuggy Wood, Lady Wood and Crow Royd Farm5
SSP15  Long Lane, Pildacre Mill Beck4.4
SSP16  Spuggy Wood and Dewsbury Country Park5.6
SSP17  Ings Lane, Overthorpe Road and Canal5.2
SSP18  Greenway, Runtlings, Canal5.1
SSP19  Crow Royd Farm, Long Plantation4.9
SSP20  Reverse Leggers Loop3.8
SSP21  Crow Royd Farm and Lady Wood4.7
SSP22  Hanging Heaton, Leeds Road4.7
SSP23  Greenway, Ossett Lane4.2
SSP24  DCP, Heckmondwike Road5.1
SSP25  The Dolphin from Starbucks4.2
SSP26  Calder Road, Riverside Circuit5
SSP27  Runtlings Out and Back4.6
SSP33  Crow Royd Farm and Long Plantation4.8
SSP34  Canal, Ravensthorpe Station, Forge Lane4.4
SSP35  Tour of Thornhill Lees4.7
SSP36  Greenway, Carr Lane, Heckmondwike Road5.3
SSP40  Spinners Fisheries, Gawthorpe, Ossett Circuit4.3
SSP41  Fall Lane, Crematorium, Ravenshouse Road4.6
SSP95  Sandal Castle, Pugneys from Wetherby Whaler4.4
SSP96  Oakwell Hall parkrun3
SSP97  Travellers Rest Friday Social3.1
SSP98  Dewsbury parkrun3.1
SSP99  Midsummer Murder Maniac1
Starting on Spen Trackside
SST01  Hunsworth Lane Loop4
SST02  Hightown Loop4.1
Starting on Dewsbury Centenary Way
SSX25  1
Medium RunsLength (Miles)
Starting on Sands Lane
SMA01  Gawthorpe and Chickenly Heath5.6
SMA02  Canal margarine factory circuit5.7
SMA03  2nd Lock climb and back5.2
SMA04  Runtlings & Healey Road6.2
SMA05  Margarine Factory via Headland Lane Canal Circuit5.4
SMA06  Flat Cap Route6.2
SMA07  Chickenley Heath, Gawthorpe Maypole and Grange Farm7
SMA08  Rectory Park Circuit5.1
SMA09  Runtlings, Healey Road, Margarine Factory6.2
SMA10  Chidswell Lane & Challenge Way6.1
SMA11  Canal Frank Lane5.9
SMA12  Dale Street, Ossett to Dewsbury5.4
SMA13  Canal, Combs Hill, Mill Street East5
SMA14  Chickenley Heath, Owl Lane, Caulms Wood5.6
SMA15  Rectory Park & Thornhill Lees6.1
SMA16   Chickenley Heath, Chidswell Lane, Caulms Wood6.3
SMA17  Kirklees Way, Chickenley Kingsway Circuit6.4
SMA18  Chickenley Lane, Babes in the Wood6.4
SMA19  Runtlings Canal6
Starting on Mill Sreet East
SMB01  Canal & Horbury Bridge and Back7.3
Starting on Savile Road
SMC01  Forge Lane canal up Sands Lane6.2
SMC02  Overthorpe & Lady Wood6.7
SMC03  Thornhill Junction & Lady Wood5.5
SMC04  Lady Wood & Thornhill Junction5.5
SMC05  Ouzelwell & Foxroyd5.7
SMC06  King Edward Street, Combs Road, Canal Back6
SMC07  Lady Wood Foxroyd6.5
SMC08  Ouzewell, Overthorpe & Canal Back6
SMC09  Ings Lane & Foxroyd6.1
SMC10  Caledonian Road, Canal Lady Wood6.1
SMC11  Tour of the Golf Course7.1
Starting on the Calder Greenway
SMD01  Dewsbury X Country Route via River & Canal5.6
SMD02  Dewsbury Canal & River + Park Road5.3
SMD03  Riverside, Greenway Carr Lane5.3
SMD04  Holroyd Park & Ship Inn6.2
SMD05  Greenway, Carr Lane & Northorpe6.3
SMD06  Ouzelwell Lady Wood Circuit5.7
SMD07  Carr Lane The Plough6.1
SMD08  Northorpe and Castle Hall Hill6
SMD09  Greenway, Ship Inn & Back5.5
SMD10  Greenway Ponderosa6.6
SMD11  Carr Lane & Mirfield Parish Church7.6
SMD12  Ravensthorpe & River Tour6.3
SMD13  Greenway & Church Lane6.3
SMD14  Ecky Back via River, Greenway6.7
SMD15  A Trip To Ponderosa6
Starting on Crackenedge Lane
SMJ01  Caulms Wood, LCW Gawthorpe round5.8
SMJ02  Soothill Manor estate 5.4
SMJ03  Medium Point to Point6.1
SMJ04  Kirklees Way to Scotchman Lane 5.8
Starting on Leeds Cutting
SMK01  Kirklees Way to Babes & Back5.5
SMK02  Hanging Heaton Church & Soothill Lane5.8
SMK03  West Ardsley & Gawthorpe6.9
SMK04  Kirklees Way, Leeds Road5.6
SMK05  Kirklees Way, Batley Field Hill5.6
SMK06  Caulms Wood, Soothill Loop6.8
SMK07  Caulms Wood, Grange Road Circuit5.1
Starting on Wakefield Cutting
SMN01  Gawthorpe, LCW & Caulms Wood5.8
Starting on a road outside Dewsbury
SMP01  Leggers, Canal And Ravensthorpe5.4
SMP02  Flat Cap 5 Starting From Leggers5.4
SMP03  Mug Mill Farm and Back6.7
SMP04  Hostingley Farm, Smithy Brook6.5
SMP05  Thornhill Edge6.6
SMP06  Flat Cap From Leggers5.6
SMP07  Thornhill Edge, Ings Lane6.5
SMP08  Canal, Riverside and Lady Wood6.1
SMP09  Long Plantation, Jordan and Oliver Wood6.5
SMP10  DCP, Balderstone Hall and St Marys Church7.1
SMP11  Mountain Top, Thornhill Edge6.2
SMP14  Spuggy Wood and Hopton Woods6.9
SMP15  Long Lane, Runtlings5.5
SMP16  Ponderosa and Dewsbury Country Park7.5
SMP17  Ings Lane, Foxroyd and Canal6.8
SMP18  Coxley Valley, Horbury Bridge7.4
SMP19  Holroyd Park, River and Canal6.9
SMP20  Golf Course, Long Plantation6.9
SMP21  Mountain Top, Foxroyd and Lady Wood7.1
SMP22  Ossett Greenway, Healey Road, Long Lane6.2
SMP23  Reverse Flat Cap5.4
SMP24  Sands Lane, Owl Lane, Chickenley Heath6
SMP25  Grange Farm, Chidswell, Chickenley Heath6.9
SMP26  Greenway, Kingsway6.1
SMP27  The Ship. Holroyd Park, Scout Hill6.9
SMP28  DCP, School Lane5.9
SMP29  DCP, Ponderosa6.3
SMP30  Little Tour of Thornhill5.9
SMP31  Greenway, Kingsway, Runtlings6.4
SMP32  Spuggy Wood and Short Hopton Woods Tour6.1
SMP33  A Quick Round of Golf5.8
SMP34  Greenway, Carr Lane, Scout Hill5.8
SMP35  Ings Lane, Combs Road and the Less Trodden Path5.9
SMP36  Crow Royd Farm, Lady Wood, River and Canal5.6
SMP37  Runtlings, Healey Road and Reverse Half Flat Cap6.3
SMP38  Greenway, Moor End Lane, Boothroyd Lane6.4
SMP39  Fall Lane, Holroyd Park, Calder Road6.4
Starting on Spen Trackside
SMT01  Spen greenway to Wyke Lane6
SMT02  Hecky, White Lee Loop5.1
SMT03  Trip to Hartshead5.3
SMT04  Wyke and back6
SMT05  Hunsworth Lane Double Loop5.2
Starting on Dewsbury Centenary Way
SMX01  Leg 1 Leggers to Thornhill Edge6
SMX02  Leg 2 Thornhill Edge to Mirfield4.3
SMX03  Leg 3 Mirfield to Hartshead3.7
SMX04  Leg 4 Hartshead to Oakwell Hall5
SMX05  Leg 5 Oakwell Hall to Scotchman Lane3.6
SMX06  Leg 6 Scotchman Lane to Leggers5.5
Long RunsLength (Miles)
Starting on Sands Lane
SLA01  Chickenly Heath and Caulms Wood Circuit7
SLA02  Gawthorpe & Flushdyke 7.5
SLA03  Margarine Factory circuit via 2nd Lock climb6.1
SLA04  Runtlings & Storrs Hall Road7
SLA05  Margarine Factory & Thornhill 7
SLA06  Extended Flat Cap to Horbury Junction8.3
SLA07  Margarine Factory Circuit & Ossett Loop7.6
SLA08  Gawthorpe, LCW & Caulms wood8
SLA09  Canal Mug Mill Farm Circuit8.1
SLA10  Runtlings, Storrs Hill, Margarine Factory7.2
SLA11  Canal Overthorpe Estate7.1
SLA12  Queens Drive, Wakefield Road7.5
SLA13  Horbury Round Summer7.6
SLA14  Thornhill Edge & Foxroyd8.1
SLA15  Lodge Hill Farm Tour8.1
SLA16  Horbury Off Road Round8
SLA17  Cycle way, Osset Manor Road Circuit7.8
SLA18  Chickenley Lane, Baghill8.3
SLA19  Sands & Lodge Hill Farm Panhandle8
SLA20  Long Lane, Runtlings and King Edward Street8
Starting on Mill Sreet East
SLB01  Coxley Valley8.8
Starting on Savile Road
SLC01  Whitley And Whitley Wood8.9
SLC02  Briestfield & Whitley7.4
SLC03  Pendorosa, Northorpe via Canal and River8.3
SLC04  Lady Wood and Kirklees way via Rectory Park8.5
SLC05  Vicarage Road, Sands & Holroyd Park7.5
SLC06  Ladywood, The Pinnacle & Ouzelwell7.4
SLC07  Ouzelwell, Briestfield, Whitley8.4
SLC08  Charlottes Ice Cream Parlour Route8.3
SLC09  Whitley Reservoir, Overthorpe & Canal Back7.5
SLC10  Briestfield, Whitley & Riverside8
SLC11  Caledonian Road, Canal to Whitley8.4
SLC12  Charlottes Ice Cream Parlour Tour8.4
SLC13  The 3 Woods7.6
Starting on the Calder Greenway
SLD01  Long canal run to margarine factory 6.8
SLD02  Newhall farm Whitley wood8.3
SLD03  Canal & River Tour of Ravensthorpe7.2
SLD04  Ringway 7 bridges & Greenway8.5
SLD05  Primrose Farm Finching Dyke7.8
SLD06  Greenway, Mirfield Parish Church, Dewsbury Golf Club7.9
SLD07  Greenway & Norristhorpe7.6
SLD08  King Edward Street, Thornhill Edge to Canal7.8
SLD09  Ponderosa Fountain Inn8.4
SLD10  Crossley and Dewsbury Moor8.3
SLD11  Greenway, Hagg wood & Ouzewell7.4
SLD12  Greenway & Liversedge to Ponderosa9
SLD13  Riverside Hopton Mills Circuit8.2
SLD14  Greenway & Ringway Panhandle8.5
SLD15  Greenway & Norristhorpe Lane7.5
SLD16  Ravensthorpe, Hagg Wood, Lady Wood8.6
SLD17  Greenway & Steanard Lane7.7
SLD18  Greenway & Stennard Lane Circuit7.5
SLD19  Greenway & Ponderosa Reloaded7.7
SLD20  Lady Wood and Foxroyd7.4
SLD21  Woods, Golf Course, Long Plantation7.3
Starting on Crackenedge Lane
SLJ01  Soothill, LCW Gawthorpe circuit7.4
SLJ02  Long Point to Point7.7
SLJ03  Soothill Hey Beck via Caulms Wood7.5
SLJ04  Birkby Brow Wood8
SLJ05  Caulms Wood, LCW, Gawthorpe and Tunnel7.1
Starting on Leeds Cutting
SLK01  Howley golf course, Scotchman Lane cicuit8.9
SLK02  Ardsley Reservoir Lap8.7
SLK06  Caulms Wood, Gawthorpe, Chickenley Heath7.6
Starting on Wakefield Cutting
SLN01  Kirkhamgate Heybeck Circuit7.9
SLN02  Low Laithes Panhandle8.1
SLN03  Hollinroyd Howley Ruins Tour7.4
SLN04  Kirkhmamgate, Haigh Hall & LCW8.4
SLN05  Tour of Batley Park9
Starting on a road outside Dewsbury
SLP01  Leggers, Emroyd Common Thornhill Circuit7.4
SLP02  Tour of Middlestown8.2
SLP03  Coxley & Horbury Bridge7.5
SLP04  Canal, Briestfield Road, Judy Haigh Lane8.1
SLP05  Thornhill Edge, Lady Wood and Riverside8.5
SLP06  Mirfield Parish Church, DCP7.2
SLP07  Sands Lane, Chickenley, Gawthorpe, Flushdyke8.1
SLP08  Newhall Farm and Up The Eiger7.3
SLP09  Mountain Top, Briestfield and Whitley7.8
SLP10  Caulms Wood and Howley Ruins Clockwise8.3
SLP11  Leggers Loop Plus Flat Cap Summer Series Course8.8
SLP12  The Ship, Boathouse Lane, Hagg Wood7.7
SLP13  Ponderosa and Mirfield Parish Church7.4
SLP14  Calder Greenway, Mirfield Parish Church, DCP7.8
SLP15  Long Lane, Healey Road7.3
SLP16  Mug Mill Farm, Foxroyd Circuit8.7
SLP17  Extended Flat Cap 7.4
SLP18  Long Plantation, Hagg Wood and The Ship7.7
SLP19  Gawthorpe, Flushdyke, Runtlings8
SLP23  Reverse Fleggers8.8
SLP32  Spuggy Wood and Hopton Woods Tour7.4
SLP33  Whitley, Newhall Farm8.1
SLP34  Caulms Wood, Hey Beck, Gawthorpe Lane8.8
SLP35  Greenway, Butchers Arms, Foxs Biscuits7.7
Winter Runs
Short RunsLength (Miles)
Starting on Mill Sreet East
WSB01  Lees Hall Road, Huddersfield Road5.1
WSB02  Mill Street East, Lees Hall Road and Fall Lane4.6
WSB03  Thornhill Lees, Fall Lane from Leggers4.3
Starting on Savile Road
WSC01  Ingham Road, Forge Lane3.7
WSC02  Savile Road, Calder Road4
WSC03  Forge Lane, Mill Street East Circuit4.3
WSC04  Slaithwaite Road, The Cross5
WSC05  Lees Hall Road, Scout Hill5
WSC06  Combs, Thornhill Lees5.2
WSC07  Combs Ingham Road5.2
WSC08  Thornhill Lees, Huddersfield Road5.1
Starting on Huddersfield Road
WSE01  Fir Cottage Out and Back4.1
WSE02  Temple Road, Butchers Arms4.2
WSE03  Calder Road, Savile Road Circuit4
WSE04  Staincliffe Round4.1
WSE05  Cemetery Road, Moor End Lane Circuit3.9
WSE06  Low Mill Lane4.3
WSE12  Robin Royd Christmas Lights From Ravensthorpe4
Starting on Ashworth Road
WSF01  Flyover, Oxford Road, Healds Road4.6
WSF02  Boothroyd Lane, Halifax Road Circuit3.8
WSF03  Westborough and Dewsbury Moor4.3
WSF04  Boothroyd Lane, Mount Pleasant4.4
WSF05  Butchers Arms, Jack Lane4.5
WSF06  Boothroyd Lane, West Park Road4.6
WSF07  Westborough, Dewsbury Moor4.5
Starting on Halifax Road
WSG01  Halifax Road, Foxs Biscuits4
WSG02  Halifax Road Panhandle4.1
WSG03  Halifax Road to Leeds Road4.1
WSG04  Healds Road, Ravenshouse Road Circuit4.1
WSG05  Healds Road, Knowles Hill Road, Broad Street4
WSG06  Jack Lane, Dark Lane4.6
WSG07  Halifax Road, Healey Lane4.4
Starting on Bradford Road
WSH01  Batley Centre and Back4.2
WSH02  Grange Road Circuit4
WSH03  Foxs Biscuits, Stocks Lane4.4
WSH04  Foxs Biscuits, Deighton Lane Circuit4.4
WSH05  Dewsbury 7K4.2
WSH06  Redbrick Mill, Staincliffe Road4.2
Starting on Crackenedge Lane
WSJ01  The Dolphin4.6
WSJ02  Crackenedge Lane, Purlwell Lane4
WSJ03  Crackenedge, Owl Lane Circuit4.6
WSJ04  Crackenedge Lane and Bywell Road3.8
WSJ05  The Dolphin4.6
Starting on Leeds Cutting
WSK01  Babes Dash5.2
WSK02  Leeds Road, Batley Carr4.5
WSK03  Leeds Road, Challenge Way3.9
Starting on Wakefield Cutting
WSN01  Shaw Cross, Owl Lane3.9
WSN02  Pildacre and Kingsway5
WSN03  Owl and Back3.2
WSN04  Tour of Chickenley4.1
WSN05  Owl Lane, Crackenedge Circuit4.7
WSN06  Pildacre Hill, Wilman Post and Kingsway4.3
WSN07  Bywell Road, Bennett Lane4.3
Medium RunsLength (Miles)
Starting on Mill Sreet East
WMB01  Lees Hall Road, Oxford Road6.4
WMB02  Thornhill Lees flat run5
WMB03  Mill Street East, Frank Lane, The Cross5.7
WMB04  Thornhill Lees, Temple Road, Boothroyd Lane from Leggers5.8
Starting on Savile Road
WMC01  Thornhill, Frank Lane Circuit5.3
WMC02  Savile Road, Oxford Road5.3
WMC03  Savile Road, Lees Hall Road Circuit6.2
WMC04  Lees Hall Road, Frank Lane, Brewery Lane5.8
WMC05  Ravensthorpe Road, Church Lane, Shillbank Lane6.5
WMC06  Savile Town, Ravensthorpe, Oxford Road6.4
WMC07  Slaithwaite Hill, Frank Lane5.4
WMC08  Frank Lane, Brewery Lane circuit5.5
WMC09   Thornhill Lees, Boothroyd Lane6.5
WMC10  Brewery Lane, Frank Lane, Mill Street East6
WMC11  A Quick Tour of Thornhill6.6
WMC12  Valley Drive, Edge Lane Tour6.1
Starting on Huddersfield Road
WME01  Station Road Out and Back6.1
WME02  Heckmondwike Round5.5
WME03  North Road, Church Lane Circuit5.9
WME04  Staincliffe Road, Healey Lane5.5
WME05  Westborough & Clerk Green5.8
WME06  Station Road Steanard Lane Panhandle6.5
WME07  Crowlees Road, Shillbank Lane6.2
WME08  Steanard Lane, Station Rd6.8
WME09  North Road, Parker Lane5.9
WME10  DCP Ponderosa Clockwise Trail Run6
Starting on Ashworth Road
WMF01  Flyover, Oxford Road, Butchers Arms5.2
WMF02  Boothroyd Lane, Heckmondwike and Dewsbury Moor5.9
WMF03  Westborough, Heckmondwike and White Lee6.8
WMF04  Boothroyd, Track Rd, Batley Field Hill6.6
WMF05  Butchers Arms, Healey Lane, Challenge Way6.5
WMF06  Boothroyd Lane, West Park Rd, Heckmondwike 6
WMF07  Westborough, Heckmondwike, School Lane6.3
WMF08  Westborough, Scout Hill, Calder Road6.5
Starting on Halifax Road
WMG01  Halifax Road, Carlinghow Hill5.5
WMG02  White Lee, Heckmondwike6.5
WMG03  Halifax Road, Owl Lane, Earlsheaton5.7
WMG04  Healds Road, Heckmondwike5.3
WMG06  Jack Lane, Healey Lane and Staincliffe6.2
Starting on Bradford Road
WMH01  Foxs Biscuits, Carlinghow Lane, Halifax Road6
WMH02  Soothill Lane Circuit5.3
WMH03  Challenge Way, Soothill Loop6.3
WMH04  Batley Field Hill Circuit5.5
WMH05  Redbrick Heck Round5.7
WMH06  Redbrick Mill, School Lane5.8
WMH07  Dewsbury 10K Plus6.8
WMH08  Soothill Owl Lane Circuit6.6
WMH09  Tour of Batley5.8
Starting on Crackenedge Lane
WMJ01  Crackenedge, Soothill Lane6
WMJ02  Crackenedge Lane, Butchers Arms5.6
WMJ03  Crackenedge, Kingsway and Ossett Lane6.4
WMJ04  Crackenedge, Healey Lane5.1
WMJ05  Crackenedge, Chickenley Lane5.1
WMJ06  The Dolphin Plus 6.3
WMJ07  Kirklees Way, Grange Farm, Gawthorpe TRAIL RUN6.1
Starting on Leeds Cutting
WMK01  Bulls Head Dash6.6
WMK02  Baghill and Back6.7
WMK03  Leeds Road, Soothill, Town Street6.2
Starting on Wakefield Cutting
WMN01  Earlsheaton, Ossett5.8
WMN02  Tour of Ossett6.6
WMN03  Ossett and Back5.2
WMN04  Pildacre Hill, Dale Street5.5
WMN05  Earlsheaton, Shaw Cross, Batley5.5
WMN06  Owl Lane & Grange Road Circuit5
WMN07  Owl Lane, Purlwell Lane6.2
WMN08  Owl Lane and Soothill6.6
Long RunsLength (Miles)
Starting on Mill Sreet East
WLB01  Thornhill Road, Calder Road Circuit7.2
WLB02  Savile Town, Ravensthorpe & Towngate8
WLB03  Savile Town & Thornhill7.2
WLB04  Lees Hall Road, Butchers Arms7.8
WLB05  Thornhill Lees & Fir Cottage trading estate8
WLB06  Flat Cap Starting From Dewsbury Railway Station7.2
Starting on Savile Road
WLC01  Briestfield Road, Edge Lane7
WLC02  Savile Road, Moor End Lane6.5
WLC03  Tour of Thornhill7.6
WLC04  Savile Town, Ravensthorpe & Staincliffe7.7
WLC05  Brewery Lane, Valley Road Estate7.6
WLC06   Thornhill Lees, Healds Road7.1
WLC07  Thornhill Lees & Crowlees Road7.9
Starting on the Calder Greenway
WLD01  Woods, Golf Course, Long Plantation7.2
Starting on Huddersfield Road
WLE01  Stocksbank Panhandle8.1
WLE02  Cornmill Lane, Liversedge Hall Lane7.9
WLE03  Sunnybank Road, Norristhorpe Circuit8.1
WLE04  Heckmondwike, Carlinghow Lane7.5
WLE05  Mirfield Free Grammar, Stocksbank Road8.3
WLE06  Lee Green Savile Arms Panhandle7.3
WLE07  Newgate, Steanard Lane, Forge Lane7.9
WLE08  Old Bank Road Panhandle7
WLE09  Mirfield secondary school, Fountain Inn Panhandle8.6
WLE10  Three nuns & back9.6
WLE11  Pear Tree & back8.1
WLE12  DSC to Robin Royd Christmas Lights and Back7.4
WLE13  Dewsbury Country Park and Ponderosa6.7
WLE14  Mirfield, Knowl Road, Old Bank Road7.6
Starting on Ashworth Road
WLF01  Flyover, Oxford Road, Heckmondwike6.7
WLF02  Boothroyd Lane, Norristhorpe and Heckmondwike7.9
WLF03  Healey Loop & Westborough Loop7.8
WLF04  Leeds & Huddersfield Road Panhandle8.2
WLF05  Butchers Arms, Challenge Way, Owl Lane7.6
WLF07  Westborough, Jeremy Lane, White Lee7.1
Starting on Halifax Road
WLG01  Halifax Road, Upper Batley Lane7.7
WLG02  Tour of Gomersal7.8
WLG03  Halifax Road, Heckmondwike and Norristhorpe7.8
WLG04  Hilly Halifax Road to Ossett Lane7
WLG05  Healds Road, Calder Road Circuit6.6
Starting on Bradford Road
WLH01  Carlinghow Lane, Six Lane Ends7.6
WLH02  Birstall, Muffit Lane Tour7.9
WLH03  Morley Round8.5
WLH04  Grange Road Loop & Baghill7.8
WLH05  Tour of Howden Clough7.9
WLH06  Millbridge, Union Road Circuit7.1
WLH07  Bradford Road & Ossett7.1
WLH08  Birstall and White Lee round6.9
Starting on Crackenedge Lane
WLJ01  Crackenedge Lane, Baghill Road7.2
WLJ02  Healey Lane, School Lane6.7
WLJ03  Crackenedge to Ossett and back7.9
WLJ04  Tour of Crackenedge, Bywell and Soothill8.5
WLJ05  Crackenedge, Upper Batley & White Lee tour7.7
WLJ06  Crackenedge, Gawthorpe, Ossett Lane6.6
WLJ07  Crackenedge, Ossett and Chickenley Lane7.9
Starting on Leeds Cutting
WLK01  Woodkirk Triangle8.3
WLK02  Haigh Moor Road Panhandle8.2
WLK03  Tingley and Back7.3
WLK04  Babes in the Wood & Deighton Lane7.2
WLK05  Caulms Wood, Gawthorpe and Chickenley Heath By Night7.1
Starting on Wakefield Cutting
WLN01  Tour of Ossett8.4
WLN02  Storrs Hill and Hostingley Circuit8.2
WLN03  Long Tour of Ossett 7.6
WLN04  Pildacre Hill to motorway junction7.3
WLN05  Pildacre Hill, Towngate6.9
WLN06  Earlsheaton, Babes & Soothill6.8
WLN07  Wakefield Road, Queens Drive Circuit8.4
WLN08  Owl Lane & Baghill Circuit7.7

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