Club Runs

SMP20      Golf Course, Long Plantation           


From the Leggers, up Warren St and Savile Rd to bridge then down steps to river side. Go through quarry, past mushroom farm to Ravensthorpe Rd. Cross road and up past Ravenshall School. Right at top and follow farm track past Crow Royd Farm. At the top, where the path splits, take the left hand path, diagonally across a field and up through a wood to path near golf course. Go straight across here and through Oliver Wood and Jordan Wood, coming out near top of Sands Lane. Go left up path straight across the golf course. Continue up here, passing the top of the Eiger, until you come out on Scopsley Lane. Go left here following path around the golf course for 840m. Near hole no.6 turn right down Long Plantation to the bottom, where you come out in a field by Ouzelwell Lane. Go along field side, over the stile and left down to Lees Hall Rd. Then down Forge Lane, onto canal path and back to Leggers along the canal.

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