Club Runs

SMP19      Holroyd Park, River and Canal           


From the Leggers on Mil St East and Mill St West then left on the Calder Valley Greenway along the side of the river. Cross Thornhill Rd and continue on greenway other side to Scout Hill. Cross Huddersfield Rd and up onto greenway. After500yds go left down path past stream to Park Rd. Take tarmac path to Northstead and on Clarkson St to North Rd. Go left then right along Cravendale Rd and on path at end. Pass Holroyd Park, head towards Mirfield coming out at bottom of Church Lane. Left on Huddersfield Rd and over bridge to The Ship. Go through the Ship car park and follow path along riverside. Where the river meets the canal cross bridge to canal side and follow canal back to the Leggers.

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