Club Runs

SLD04      Ringway 7 bridges & Greenway           


Go on Greenway to bottom of Scout Hill cross to Greenway go on just over 1 and half miles pass chemical works then go next right up path at top go under bridge to a rough path follow this path with high banking on either side go under 2 bridges I believe till you come to houses follow through here in same direction then go under 7 bridges then turn sharp left at top turn right and follow down path keeping to railings on left you should pass Cottiers house down here come out at main road (Frost Hill) cross road to works yard go through here to bottom of yard looks like a dead end turn right at bottom taking you over a stream then left then right then left and go up a path And across grassy area to left corner to main road cross over to Greenway sign then go on to Greenway and follow to left back to Dewsbury. Editors Note: The route doesnt go past 'Cottiers House'!

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