Monique Hollinshead
Been running since 1996, started with Morley Running club now sadly defunct.
Haven't managed to sabotage Dewsbury yet so here I am.
Got into triathlons in 2002 after a spell feeling overtained and fed up with running (two marathons in 8 weeks a bad idea). So my advice is if you're sick and tired of one sport, take up another two.
In 2004 I did my first Ironman. I had so much fun I did two in 4 weeks in 2005- I never learn. Ended up being three in 12 weeks as I got a qualification for the World Championships on my second one and so went to Hawaii.
This year I have only done one in Germany, but next year plan on a triple....

Had a year off and then was raring to go this year, for the new Double Ironman in the UK, which I did, and won, in 28 and a half hours. So more advice, if you can't win at one distance keep increasing it.
I also took up pose running, a work in progress, but atleast the achilles doesn't trouble me anymore

Did the 2009 Double, I must be getting used to them knocked about 45 minutes off my time.
The deca I was supposed to be doing this year got downsized to a 5x then cancelled due to low entry numbers. I know- wierd
Sooo I am doing a Triple this year in August then another double in Lanzarote next Feb, and at last the re-arranged deca (10 Ironmans in 10 days) next Summer in Hampshire
You could say it's starting to get out of hand....
Goodbye and Thankyou

I have moved over to Cheshire and so will be joining a new club- South Cheshire Harriers.
I would like to say thanks to all the club members for the laughs we have had over the years- particularly those 30 mile x country cool down runs back from Skipton, coal racing and the ill-advised Road relay excursion.
I would also like to thank Paul Shields for being a big factor in getting me into all this nonsensical endurance stuff in the first place(although I did think I was going to die in that desert) and Derek Berry for all those training sessions spent eating Bargain Buckets in KFC and sending off grease soaked triathlon entry forms.
Good luck all.....
Monique x
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Latest Added Results for Monique Hollinshead

Event/Stage DateRace/Stage NameCatHMSPos (Stage Pos)
25th Apr 2010 London Marathon F40 14 03 2298 of 36549 (0) 
10th May 2009 South Cheshire 20 F40 26 58 30 of 160 
26th Apr 2009 London Marathon F40 15 00 194 of 35306 
12th Apr 2009 Air Products 10k F40  41 31 88 of 312 
5th Apr 2009 Wakefield 10k F40  39 52 88 of 1182 
Top Performances for Monique Hollinshead

Event CategoryHMSRaceDate
10 Mile Race  02 35  Pocklington Snake Lane 10m  20th Feb 2005 
10k Race   38 26  Lincoln 10k  4th Apr 2004 
15 Mile Road Race  42 43  Holmfirth 15 Mile Race  29th Oct 2006 
20 Mile Road Race  14 23  Stafford 20 Miles  13th Mar 2005 
5 Mile Race   31 08  Roundhay Park 5 Mile  21st Nov 2004 
Half Marathon  23 14  Brass Monkey Half Marathon  23rd Jan 2005 
Marathon  01 57  London Marathon  14th Apr 2002 
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