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Been a member for nearly a year but find it hard to juggling coming to the club and my family life so most of my running is done outside club hours.

Been running on and off for around 10 years but when i stop running i pile the weight on so im planning on sticking with it this time.

My first run was the bupa great north which i did in 2hr 10mins, Im hoping to smash that this year!!!!
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wakefield 10k 2013

This is me smashing my old pb of 55 minutes with a new pb of 50 minutes 35 seconds.

I look a little worse for wear but i did push myself
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Latest Added Results for John Playforth

Event/Stage DateRace/Stage NameCatHMSPos (Stage Pos)
17th Jun 2018 Pontefract 10K M35  50 53 151 
15th Sep 2013 Great North Run M 52 16 9873 of 40774 (0) 
14th Apr 2013 Wakefield 10k M  50 35 479 of 1148 (0) 
Top Performances for John Playforth

Event CategoryHMSRaceDate
10k Race   50 35  Wakefield 10k  14th Apr 2013 
Half Marathon  52 16  Great North Run  15th Sep 2013 
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