Maxine Worden
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Born at the turn of the century - which century is up to you (DEREK!)- in some exotic far flung land (yeh right!), my running days began competing in many a school cross country, and representing the school. It was more a fetish for the spikes I wore rather than the running! This was shortlived when I discovered various other vices associated with being a teenager which I found far more entertaining!
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What Happened Next..

My passion for outdoor life was rekindled some years later when I discovered the Alps and the sheer exhilaration of a full day up and down beautiful mountains with a piste map and running days began again!

I am now in pursuit of many a mission relating to this bizarre activity known as "running". So if you're a buddin Forrest Gump, then get yourselves down and share this madness!
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A couple of mottos to live by...

When out and about during the Summer months, meandering around our beautiful hills, always remember to keep yourselves sensibly well hydrated - like I do!
And final motto.....

Life should NOT be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in an attractive and well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, alcohol in one hand, trainers in the other, body thoroughly used up, totally worn out and screaming "WOO HOOOOOO what a ride"!!

Have a wonderful day!
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Latest Added Results for Maxine Hamilton

Event/Stage DateRace/Stage NameCatHMSPos (Stage Pos)
28th Oct 2023 Pontefract Park Run F50  23 27 26 of 228 
21st Oct 2023 Dewsbury Park Run F50  24 02 25 of 166 
14th Oct 2023 Cross Flatts Park Run F50  23 27 21 of 116 
23rd Sep 2023 Huddersfield Park Run F50  22 24 62 of 559 
26th Aug 2023 Rothwell Park Run F50  22 40 31 of 296 
Top Performances for Maxine Hamilton

Event CategoryHMSRaceDate
10 Mile Race  14 30  Harewood 10 mile Trail Race  7th Oct 2007 
10k Race   41 53  Wakefield 10k  30th Mar 2008 
15 Mile Road Race  50 23  Holmfirth 15 Mile Race  26th Oct 2008 
20 Mile Road Race  20 51  Trimpell 20 Mile Road Race  2nd Mar 2008 
5 Mile Race   34 47  Dewsbury Road Runners 5 mile Handicap Race  26th Oct 2006 
5k Race   20 58  Leeds Woodhouse Moor Park Run  6th Sep 2006 
Half Marathon  31 53  Brass Monkey Half Marathon  21st Jan 2007 
Marathon  11 28  London Marathon  13th Apr 2008 
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