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Unfortunately we are still closed as a club until further notice.

This means we are taking on no new members, or planning any events etc until we have some clarity.

The Dewsbury 10k is cancelled this year. We were hoping to run an alternative later in the year, but event over the last 2 months have scuppered this.

I hope the next time we update this there will be some GOOD NEWS! Till then, run safely.

Welcome to Dewsbury Road Runners
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Hello, and welcome to all!

A special welcome to anybody out there looking for someone to go running with, you need look no further! This site will give you all the details of where to go, or who to contact if you are interested in running for whatever reason.

We are a running club which caters for runners of all abilities, with an emphasis on the social side. Members are encouraged to improve at a pace which suits them, or simply to enjoy themselves, and enjoy the benefits of keeping fit!

Check out the Head-2-Head feature, which compares the results of any two runners!

 Spenborough 20m
 Middleton Woods Park Run
 Brighouse Park Run
 Wakefield Park Run
 Poolsbrook Park Run
 WYWL (News)
 YVAA Grand Prix (News)

If you have any comments at all on how you would like to see this site improved, please let me know, and I will do my best to sort it.
Joining our club
Its easy to join ...

It only costs 25 pounds per year to be a full member of the club - there are many extra benefits, including discounts in many sports shops, and reductions on race entries.

You can obtain a form to fill in from our display cabinet at dewsbury sports centre or here.

Give this with cash or a cheque (payable to Dewsbury Road Runners) to any committee member.

Or you can pay directly to the following account:

Barclays Bank
Sort Code 202608
Account Number 10329991

Please put your name as the reference for any electronic payment.

Forms can also be emailed to the General Secretary here, but don't try to email any cheques or cash!

Evening everyone,

Some of you may have seen the WYWL Facebook post following the Government's announcement earlier this week. For those of you who are not on social media, the post said the following:

"Good evening all you lovely Winter Leaguers. It finally looks like we might be seeing the end of the Covid restrictions and ...
YVAA Grand Prix
YVAA Virtual Grand Prix

Hi all,

As you know, currently the YVAA Grand Prix is a virtual event, with a pre-determined distance being set every month.

There was a delay in finalising January's 5k results due to various issues, but a link to the results is here...

Leggers Loop 2021
Leggers Loop Competition 2021

To help with lockdown blues I am going to run a small races series. The route will be the Leggers Loop .The first cut off date will be 24th January then every two weeks there after until the 18th of April.
Points will be awarded on 20pts for first male and female ,19 points for second etc. If you are interested please message me and i will ...

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