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Apology re length of 10K course 2017
Thank you to everyone who ran in or marshalled at the Dewsbury 10K 2017.

I have had a number of emails from runners saying that the course was too long.
They are right. The turn was in the wrong place and as a result it seems the runners ran about 200 metres too far.
This was due to a breakdown in communication, and an error in the setting out of the course.
It was not an error on the part of the course measurer.
It is deeply disappointing to be denied a PB in these circumstances.

I wish that I could turn back the clock but I cannot do so.

May I thank everyone who has drawn this to my attention, particularly those of you who sent the GPS records for this year's and last year's races.

Bernard Disken
Race director
Submitted by Bernard Disken
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