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AGM Thursday 16th November 2017
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The clubs Annual General Meeting will take place on the 16th November at 8.30pm.

The venue will be the Leggers bar function room. All members are welcome, and there will be free pie and peas to all attending members, but more on that later.

The purpose of the meeting is to

1. Update members on the goings on of the year
2. Discuss any issues raised by members in advance or at the meeting, and if necessary vote on these
3. Agree the committee for next year

I would appreciate it if people submit to me in advance anything they want to be raised so I can put these on the agenda.

It would also be really helpful if members could submit any stories, funny or embarrassing pictures or achievements that could be talked about.
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The current composition of the committee is as follows:

Chairperson Bernard Disken
Secretary Andrew Cottier
Treasurer Robert Keegan
Ladies Captain Claire Wilkinson
Mens Captain John Calvert

+ General Roles
Andrew Meskimmon Vets
Glynn Pardy Cross Country Rep & Social
Madeleine Stansfield Kit & PR
Mick Wood Training Routes
Michael Telford Membership Secretary
Anne McQueen

All the members of the committee have agreed to stand for their current positions for another year. However, there are several members who would most likely not stand if they knew new members wanted to come onboard and/or stand for certain positions.

If anyone wants to stand for the committee, or wants to nominate somebody I would greatly appreciate being informed in advance (together with any role) so we can avoid any sort of conflict so to speak, or problems of having an oversize committee. Although people are within their rights to ignore this request.
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So anyway, onto pies.

Please can everyone wishing to attend let me, or Claire know by emailing me/Claire / The Facebook Group or even a telegram TOGETHER with their choice of pie (Veggi or Tradional). This can then be booked in advance, though people are within their rights to turn up and demand a pie*

Many Thanks

Andrew Cottier
Club Secretary
Dewsbury Road Runners

Submitted by Andrew Cottier
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