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Rankings and Grand Prix Results
Dewsbury Road Runners Current Rankings

John Mason 2381 
Treena Johnson 2351 
Andy Dean 2340 
James Morris 2339 
John Calvert 2331 
Dewsbury Road Runners Grand Prix Scores

Harun Umarji 58 
Kathryn Tait 50 
Paul Smith 41 
Treena Johnson 35 
Andrew Croft 34 
Thurs 23rd March 2017
Thurs 23rd March 2017

Calderdale Relay 2017
Calderdale Relay 2017 Sunday 21th May

At present we have entered two teams for the Relay.if anyone else would like to take part we could enter another team ,ideally we would need another 15 names. These are the names that have already been put forward Adan Carney, Johnny Davies, Chris H, Amy Linley, Dave Clancey, Shaun Camponi, Mark Richardson, Georgia S, harry W , Liz S Maxine ...
Men Calendar Cup Points
Men Calendar Cup Points Andy B 484, Tim R 445, Paul S 438, Alister W 365,Chris H 355 ,Andy D 296, Tim D 295,Mark W 287. ...more
Ladies Calendar Cup Points
Ladies Calendar Cup Points Points total after 5 races .Flo 390, Trish K 387, Sam C 382, Rachel L 293 Maxine ,Sam C ...more
Athletics Leadership Course
England Athletics is running one-day Athletics Leadership courses on how to safely organise running and how to lead a ...more
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