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Dewsbury Road Runners Latest Added Results

Event/Stage DateRace/Stage NameCatFull NameHMSPos (Stage Pos)
14th Jan 2018 Brass Monkey Half Marathon M50 Paul Smith 40 55 607 of 1483 
14th Jan 2018 Brass Monkey Half Marathon M35 John MacPhail 26 21 219 of 1483 
14th Jan 2018 Brass Monkey Half Marathon F50 Ulla Vangsgaard 27 20 1440 of 1483 
14th Jan 2018 Brass Monkey Half Marathon M60 G Richardson 01 10 1184 of 1483 
14th Jan 2018 Brass Monkey Half Marathon F Amy Linley 47 43 802 of 1483 
Thursday Club Runs
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Thurs 18th Jan

Thursdays run routes and descriptions are now available to have a look at.
Rankings and Grand Prix Results
Dewsbury Road Runners Current Rankings

John Mason 2406 
Andy Dean 2403 
Treena Johnson 2382 
James Morris 2379 
Tim Dean 2361 
Dewsbury Road Runners Grand Prix Scores

Anne McQueen 54 
Andy Butler 42 
Paul Needham 41 
Laura Pearmain 37 
Maxine Hamilton 36 
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Beat the Clock Results December 2017
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Calendar Cup Results after 2 events
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