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--- West Yorkshire X Country for Northowram Pumas ---

21st January 2018
Signed Up members:
Martin Athey
Craig Halloran
Michael Hartley
Amy Linley
Alexander Ross
Tim Rowling
Claire Wilkinson

--- Meltham 10k ---

28th January 2018
Signed Up members:
Michael Hartley        Predicted Time is 59m 06s
Susan Hope        Predicted Time is 1h 03m 22s
Jane Ramsden        Predicted Time is 1h 02m 32s

--- West Yorkshire X Country at Skipton ---

11th February 2018
Signed Up members:
Martin Athey
Neil Atkinson
Mark Holdsworth
Amy Linley
Steven Pilling
Tim Rowling
Kate Simper
Claudia Staelens

--- Liversedge Half Marathon ---

18th February 2018
Signed Up members:
Martin Athey        Predicted Time is 1h 48m 33s
Ghafar Azam
Andrew Byram        Predicted Time is 1h 34m 29s
Stephen Chapman        Predicted Time is 1h 36m 35s
Andrew Cottier
Claire Dearie        Predicted Time is 2h 10m 24s
Craig Halloran
Michael Hartley        Predicted Time is 2h 06m 55s
Paul Hayhurst        Predicted Time is 2h 15m 08s
Amy Linley        Predicted Time is 1h 48m 49s
Heather Mitchell        Predicted Time is 2h 05m 40s
Debbie Norris        Predicted Time is 1h 58m 01s
Kieran Pickles        Predicted Time is 1h 33m 31s
Steven Pilling        Predicted Time is 1h 39m 05s
Mark Richardson        Predicted Time is 2h 05m 40s
Tim Rowling        Predicted Time is 1h 42m 34s
Kate Simper
Claire Wilkinson        Predicted Time is 2h 05m 23s

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