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Old style kit
There are a few old style vests and old style long sleeve vests available at a sale price of £5. The sizes are listed below. Anyone interested in purchasing one should contact Madeleine on 07783 984083 or email
Sizes 38" & 46" only

Long sleeve vests:
Sizes 42" & 44" only
Leggings & Capris
Leggings & Capris

Full length leggings and capris (just below the knee) are on order.
The design follows the club colours of black with red side panel and the club name printed in yellow on the opposite side.

We are currently researching the options to add shorts to the club kit range.
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Hoodies & Zoodies Zoodies (Hoodie with a zip front) are now available to purchase at £24.The Zoodie sizes are ...more
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Kit Purchase
If you are wanting to buy any items of club kit then send an email or text message to Madeleine Stansfield ...more
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Running Vest
Running Vest The newly designed running vests are now available to purchase at £18:50 each.These are a unisex size ...more

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