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Dewsbury Road Runners send warm congratulations to the following members ...

Susan Wood is 57 years young today!
Welcome to Dewsbury Road Runners
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Hello, and welcome to all!

A special welcome to anybody out there looking for someone to go running with, you need look no further! This site will give you all the details of where to go, or who to contact if you are interested in running for whatever reason.

We are a running club which caters for runners of all abilities, with an emphasis on the social side. Members are encouraged to improve at a pace which suits them, or simply to enjoy themselves, and enjoy the benefits of keeping fit!

Check out the new Head-2-Head feature which compares the results of any two runners!

 Flat Cap Race
 Eccup 10 Mile Road Race
 Trunce at Oxspring
 Trunce at Oxspring
 Run in the Sun Thornes Park
 Dewsbury Park Run
 Lincolnshire Wolds 10 mile
 Three Lakes Classic
 Trunce at Oxspring
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If you have any comments at all on how you would like to see this site improved, please let me know, and i will do my best to sort it.
Joining our club
Its easy to join ...

It only costs 25 pounds per year to be a full member of the club - there are many extra benefits, including discounts in many sports shops, and reductions on race entries.

You can obtain a form to fill in from our display at dewsbury sports centre , give this with cash or a cheque (cheque payable to Dewsbury Road Runners) to Robert Keegan - who is often down on Tuesday and Thursday training nights. Or post it to.

Robert Keegan
164 Edge Lane
WF12 0HA

Obtain a PDF version of the form here, or an Image format here - You can even email it to Robert here, but dont try to email any cash!
Rankings and Grand Prix Results
Dewsbury Road Runners Current Rankings

James Morris 2298 
John Calvert 2298 
Keith Long 2290 
Tom Howard 2279 
Dan Jones 2256 
Dewsbury Road Runners Grand Prix Scores

Andrew Byram 168 
Wendy Hargreaves 156 
Rachel Leborgne 152 
Chris Hardy 151 
Heather Ellis 135 
Latest Results
Dewsbury Road Runners Latest Added Results

Event/Stage DateRace/Stage NameCatFull NameHMSPos (Stage Pos)
1st Jul 2015 Run in the Sun Thornes Park M Kieran Pickles  30 01 27 
1st Jul 2015 Run in the Sun Thornes Park F45 Bev McClure  40 36  
1st Jul 2015 Run in the Sun Thornes Park F45 Chrissie Burton  41 10  
1st Jul 2015 Run in the Sun Thornes Park F Lauren McQueen  41 57 67 
1st Jul 2015 Run in the Sun Thornes Park F45 Anne McQueen  36 26 50 
Result 3rd race in Summer Series
3rd race in Summer Series

1 Mark Spraggon 27:40, 16:10, 43:50
2 John Calvert 26:17, 17:40, 43:57
3 Martin Athey 32:28, 11:36, 44:04
4 Andrew Byram 29:22, 14:48, 44:10
5 Rachel LeBorgne36:13, 8:00, 44:13
6 Anne McQueen 36:26, 7:55, 44:21
7 Keith Long 27:01, 17:36, 44:37
8 Chris Hardy 30:26, 14:13, 44:39
9 Alex Barr 35:55, 8:52, 44:47 ...

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